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Strength training
CrossFit Games 2010

MiR Vest is a Factory Direct company who sells weighted vests, and other accessories for training and fitness. Since on the market, we have researched and developed a top of the line vest and never looked back. Ensuring that our vest will give the consumer the great workout they are looking for, while supplying them at a remarkably low price. We have sold thousands and thousands of vests. The great thing about our vest is that it is the shortest vest on the market. With the length of only 11inches, our vest gives consumer the flexibility to move and breathe easy. With its clam shell design, incorporated with the adjustable shoulder strap and belt, it will ensure a snug fit on anyone. From men to women, 100lbs to 300lbs, MiR Weight Vest will adjust to the body and will be a perfect fit on anyone. MiR Vest has invented 5 type of vest. One of our best sales is our short vest. Our vest range from 10lbs- 150lbs.


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