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Strength training
CrossFit Games 2010

The vest is very durable, don't have to worry about the vest breaking at all. Compact and doesn't restrict you in any way. Different straps to adjust so they can better form and fit to your body. Overall it's just the best product on the market for weighted vest.

Rich Froning Jr. - 2011 & 2012 & 2013 Crossfit Game Champion

I've just recently started using the Mir weighted vest and I can't tell you how much benefit I get from it! I'm a CrossFit games athlete and this vest is great for pull up workout, muscle up training and many other workouts! I did Murph and it was very comfortable, I had no irritations like I've got from other vests! I just don't see any other vest that out performs the Mir weighted vest!

Ben Stoneberg, Crossfit Intensify, Placed 32nd in the Open Competitions, 20th in finals

I had tried many weight vests only to find them bulky, uncomfortable and that they just didn't fit right. However, after trying the MIR vest I was highly impressed with the adjustable, comfortable snug fit it provided. With the MIR vest I was able to run, do muscle-ups and even handstand push-ups without the vest moving around allowing me to concentrate on my workout and not the vest. I would definitely recommend this vest to anyone wanting to take their training and fitness to the next level!

Breck Berry, CrossFit Jenks, Placed 37nd in the Open Competitions

I love my MIR weighted vest!!! It allows me to get the most of my workouts when I need to scale UP to compete with the CrossFit monsters out there! It is comfortable, very secure and I can use it in every single one of my workouts! There's nothing like that little extra burn you get while wearing the vest! Cheers to MIR for an amazing addition to my training regimen!

Bill Grundler, Works out at Crossfit Inferno, Placed 15th in the Open Competitions

I love the additional challenge that my MiR vest provides for my workouts. I use it on everything from sprint training, to stair climbs to rope climbs. The slim nature of the vest allows me to run and lift without it getting in the way, but I especially love the short waisted fit--for my short stature!

Chad Augustin, Co-Owner of Rocklin Crossfit, Placed 14th in the Open Competitions

I have tried other weight vests, and can say with sincerity that this vest has been the best one yet. With its multi-strap system and thin design, the 25lb vest made my workouts exponentially challenging, but with the least amount of baggage, allowing me to work more efficiently and move as if it was a part of my body. I would recommend this piece of equipment to anyone who needs some extra resistance during their workouts. Even when running, I felt no movement or sliding from the vest and it stayed locked even when upside down for handstand push-ups. We have had record temperatures here in Ohio (near 104 degrees), and the vest never seemed to hold too much body heat.

Dane Youtz, Crossfit New Albany, Placed 34th in the Open Competitions

The MiR vest is SUPER comfortable. It is very narrow and doesn't get in the way of any of the movements I do. Doing a Muscle Up into a Ring Handstand Push Up felt great. Though it was really hard with 25 extra pounds on; the vest made it seem like it wasn't there. Nothing got in the way, no rubbing straps, and it stayed on tight. I am able to breathe during my workout which is hard to do with most weight vest, but the MiR vest made it effortless. I use the MiR vest during my warm ups to help utilize muscle activation when I have to knock out a lot of pull ups. Another great thing I love about the MiR vest is that it doesn't tire my traps out. Most weight vest sit uneven on my shoulders causing them to fatigue really fast. The MiR vest doesn't do that. In fact, it sits on my body evenly causing my shoulders and traps NOT to fatigue at all. The MiR vest is the BEST weight vest I have every used!!!

DANIEL TYMINSKI, I own and I am the head trainer at CrossFit Lindy, Placed 6th in the Open Competitions, 25th in the finals

In preparing for the CrossFit season, there is one training tool that I would not be without- my MiR fittest narrow weighted vest. The most important feature in selecting a weighted vest is a compact, form-fitting feel all while allowing me the ability to breathe comfortably under the stress of an extremely intense wod. This is why I have chosen to train with the MiR weighted vest. Quite simply, there is not a more effective means of increasing the intensity of a CrossFit wod than through the use of a MiR weighted vest!

Todd Edmunds, I own and I am the head trainer at CrossFit Lindy, Placed 8th in the Open Competition

Definitely the best vest I ever used. Don't have any problem when the vest moving on my body like other vest, the MiR definitely out does it.

Jared Phillips, Member of CrossFit Mayhem

The vest stay tight to the body and doesn't flop around when you are running. The strap doesn't come loose do to all the different settings. Bascially the vest I ever used.

Darren hunsucker, Training Partner

The women's weight vest makes it easy to up the ante in workouts. The shoulder straps are narrow enough that overhead movements are still possible while wearing the vest. the adjustability of all the straps and the main waist belt allows for an easy fit on all but the tiniest of our girls. overall the vest is a great product. thanks!

Kristan Clever, Fittest Women in the world.CrossFit Games Champion

The new MIR weighted vest is really nice, I have used the one in the past. They have the nylon ones including different material. But the new vest I wore today is really really good quality, and is very comfortable. So I talked to the guys and told them if you wanted me to wear the vest, I would need it to be smaller, because in crossfit we do alot of multi turn movements, so they made them smaller for us, and all the guys wore them today and it was very successful. It is very easy to use. Much easier with movement over the head. So I am very happy with the MIR weighted vest.

Jason Khalipa, Crossfit Game 2008 Winner, 2013 2nd Place.

The vest is great. Far more comfortable than wearing a backpack with weight plates in it. It's also much easier to adjust and change out weights than with a backpack. I also like the vest better due to the ability to load the weight in the front and back. The shoulders on the vest are a little bit wider than I'd like. They prevent me from reaching over head without having rubbing issues. I've used the vest for walking, hiking, and pushups. Before, I would use the backpack, and I like the vest better for the reasons listed above. The vest is much more effective than the backpack or ankle weights.

Grant, TX

"The Mir vest is one of the best ways I know of to condition the body. Using the vest, I can instantly raise the intensity of my strength endurance exercises. I enjoy wearing the vest while doing sledge hammer strikes, kettlebell swings, and jogging. I am looking forward to recieveing a heavier Mir vest to continue to take my training to the extreme."

Jon Bruney World Record Holder

I can say without a doubt that training with the Mir Weighted Vest has moved me to the next level not only physically but also given me the confidence to succeed in our upcoming World Record Event. This record is the pulling of a semi-truck for the distance of one mile plus with only the help of my partner Jon Bruney. Many are saying this record may very well be the greatest test and feat of strength and endurance ever accomplished. For a strength and endurance event of this magnitude you must have every advantage possible and training with the Mir weighted Vest has given me this advantage. Thanks.

JOHN BROOKFIELD - Multiple World Record Holder, Author of Mastery of Hand Strength, Creator of the Battling Ropes Training System.

It was more difficult. But I really like this. It gots a great design here. It feels really good when you are doing pull ups.

Andy, CA

This is my second or third time using the MIR vest, and im really surprised the quality is really good. Because the other weighted vest is used have been falling apart when I been using them, so it been pretty difficult when I was working out with those. But the MIR vest is not only comfortable but they stay together and they fit to your body, they're really great vest

Bruce, CA

It felt good. It definitely makes it a better workout. When you workout with the vest on, and the same workout without the vest. The workout is a lot easier when you are not wearing the vest. It is good to have the vest to train with.

Danny, CA

I ordered the New Slim vest and it's incredible. It is so small, I have 30lbs of weights in there and you can barely tell that it is under my shirt. This vest is the greatest. It has a snug fit to my body and I can work at workout at the same time. I am coming back for more!!!

Jose, Ellenwood GA

I'm a first timer on any athletic product on-line, but I'm very glad I did it. It's amazing how your body will adapt to whatever you put it through, with time. I have 3 kids (6,4 & 2yrs. old). I have no time to go to the gym but when I get up I put the vest on at 30 lbs and do my chores. It's perfect for push-ups. I wear it for an hour, at least. Wish I could wear it all day. So far I love it and, even though I'm not pushing myself hard right now, I still see and feel a difference. I recommend this for anyone who is trying to improve themselves.


I was very impressed with the quality and comfort of this vest compared to other weighted vests I have used in the past. The length is not at all restrictive, like most vests out there, and the vest sits comfortably (relatively speaking - it is 50 lbs!!) on the shoulders. A waist strap keeps it secure even while working out at high intensities. Very satisfied!

-Michael D. Hicks

I bought this just last week and I have been doing the stair master with 38lbs so far for 10 min on 60 steps per minute. I will work up to the full 50lbs for 10 min. I am training to be a Firefighter in Arizona. I do think it is a good vest. It doesn't move around on me nearly at all and you can change out the weights and use it for different exercises. I use around 30lbs when I go on an hour mountain hike. Overall I like the way it sits on the shoulders and the distribution of the weight is good too. They are selling 30 pound vests at Wallmart for 99.99 and when I saw this 50 pound for this price, I knew I had to get it.

-Justin C. Mcgee

I ordered the Mir 50lb Short Adjustable Weight Vest after slowly getting up to 35 lbs in a backpack. The backpack was starting to torque my back and I wanted to equalize the weight front and back. This product is excellent and holds tight against the body. I like the short version becaues it allows me to use a ski-joring belt which I use when I walk my husky. Anybody wanting to increase their calorie burn can't go wrong with this product and Amazon did an excellent job of getting shipped out. I am currently at about 41 pounds and walking on average 3 to 4 miles with it 5 days a week. As I lose weight (about 20 lbs now) - I have been adding bars to the vest - way easier and a ton more comfortable than using the backpack. Adding weight to my aerobic workouts helped me break the stalemate with my weight I've had over the last 2 years.

-Kram (Alaska)

The shipping is really fast. I think I ordered it on a Saturday and received it on the following Tuesday. I've only had it about two weeks, but I've gone running and used it to work out. It is comfortable and looks like it will last a hell of a long time. The only criticism I have is that the strap that goes around the chest is held on with velcro. The problem is that once you have the vest on it's impossible to get the velcro lined up on the back. You can put the strap on before you put on the vest, but sometimes it comes off while you are putting on the vest. This is a minor inconvenience, so overall I would rate it 4.5 stars. Since you can't put half stars I felt the vest deserved to be rounded up, rather than down because it really is nice.

-UnNethertrash(Isla Vista, CA USA)

The vest came very quickly and on time. So far I'm very pleased with the vest. It works great. I use it all day at work since I'm on my feet all day and do lifting already. I can already feel my legs and core getting stronger from supporting this extra weight. I definitely recommend this type of vest if you're running because it will stay snug and won't bounce the weights off your chest, abs, and back as some others do. 20lbs is definitely enough if you're not looking to build alot of strength, but if you're like me and train hard then 50lbs is a good weight to use.

-J. Garrido (San Diego, CA)

Loved the vest! came fast in three days! used it the first day on the stairmaster at the gym! its awersome i use it almost every day! i recomend to anyone who is ready to take their workouts to a whole new level!! for faster results!! thanks mir for this awesome product!

-Steven M. Hernandez

Heaviest weighted gloves! these glove fit great even for someone thin, like me. make sure you put the strap over very tightly. it won't become loose like most gloves. it comes with 2 weighted bars so you can exercise with 1.5 lbs or 3 lbs on each hand. it is very expensive but the construction quality is excellent.

-S. Park (IL, US)

I bought this product for plyometric training as an addition to the workouts. I must say that the vest fits quite comfortably and didn't hamper the movements needed for workouts. The only problem is that perhaps I should have bought a longer vest (which Mir makes and sells on here) because having only one velcro strap makes it impossible to lean over or do pushups with the vest on. Besides this minor problem, I highly recommend this vest to anyone who wants to take their training to another level and improve their stamina or endurance.

-Kenton W. Baxter

I've had my vest for a little over two weeks now and I love it. I used it to jog in and I've even used it when I was using the TRX. I do a lot of bodyweight exercises so its perfect because of the added weight. The fit is snug and it allows you to adjust to your comfort level. The vest is constructed very well and doesn't look like other vest that fall apart after a couple of hard duty uses. I would recommend this vest to anyone who needs more resistance when they are working out. This company is not joking when they say 3-4 day shipping.. Spend the money and get you a quality vest.. Great investment

-Richard Austin Smith

I usually have a workout regiment 4-5 days a week w/ combination cardio and weight lifting. I constantly try to change my meathods/routines to keep my body guessing what's next which keeps it fresh. I use the vest to walk 5-6 miles at a fast pace. I started w/ 30 lbs. and will work up to max 40 lbs. Long distance running is no longer an option(knees).But walking w/ the vest is an extremely tough workout not to mention a weight shredder. I consider myself to be in good shape but I feel the effects the next day in a good way!

One other bonus I discovered are the extra pockets where the weights are placed. If your not maxing the full weight you can place your cell phone and car keys in the empty pockets. The only suggestion I would have is to place a strap/holder of some kind so you can carry a water bottle in an easy access area...and yes more weight. I would definetly recommend the MIR vest to any fitness minded person looking for a different type of workout. I'll try it on my mountain bike soon!

-D. snyder

The Mir Pro vest is a great vest for anyone looking to take their workout to the next level. It is made of quality materials and has a lifetime warranty on the vest and I don't see it ever falling apart. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that loves working out and would use it often. I use it while lifting weights, hiking, jogging, and playing basketball. It will make your legs stronger and you will be able to sprint faster. I hiked 8 miles with this vest and got a nice workout.

-E. Mccoy

This is a well built piece of equipment! I use it regularly, and often wear it under a sweatshirt. I have improved my dips,pullups/chinups, pushups, and core strength immensely. I wear the full 40# for hikes, and the weight distribution is perfect. I have just started wearing it for sprints (20 #), and plan on some distance runs in the near future. I can definitely tell a difference in the strength of my legs and core. Additionally, while wearing this, I have dropped a noticeable amount of inches in my waist, and increasd muscular definition! This is a simple device with unlimited possibilities!

-Dominic J. Scavo

I ordered at 120lbs vest and I love it. This is a superior product, exactly what I ordered. I love the fit and the workout it gives me. I would recommend this vest to anyone who wants is real workout. I have a busy life here in New York, I can barely find time for work, but with the MiR vest I work out just by wearing it. Awesome product!!!

-Peter New York, NY

Amazing vest. I love the quality; this is vest like no other. I love my 50lbs short vest. It has a snug fit on me and I love all the freedom it gives me. The maximum movement of my arms, shoulder, and neck, makes working out really easy. Take my word for it. MiR vest is the vest you need to buy.

�Cameron Forest, MS

Great product. Best vest on market. Wonderful functional feel. Gave me room to breathe, I love the entire bonus item it comes with it. I love all the accessories and how it helps me with my workout. From the weight gloves which at totally free, to the bottle holder, wearing MiR vest is very comfortable. I love it and would never change it for anything else.

-Sean Hitchcock, TX

Great vest, low price, awesome workout.


This professional training weight vest is everything it says it is & more. The Velcro belt is amazing; it gives me a snug fit to my body and no matter how hard I train it will not move on me. The adjustable shoulder straps are great to. My son borrows the vest at time to work out and it simple to change the size of the vest and the weights. They really mean one size fit all. I would certainly buy this vest again.

Miami FL

This vest is great, good price, and great quality. I ordered the 75lbs short vest and it is a perfect fit. I could not find any other vest beside Mir vest that could support so much weight in such a small vest. Amazing vest, and love the bonus items. They great, I would recommend anyone to but from them, they are a class act.

-John, Sedalia CO

The best vest in the world. The price is really good. For so a low price I got a great vest. The material is great. I know this vest will help me make the pro now. I play defensive linemen and this vest has made me get more sacks, making the blockers look like chumps. It made me quicker and stronger. I play almost all the plays now. I can't believe all the area of training this vest has made me achieve. Thank you Mir vest. You're the greatest.

-Jack Bethlehem PA

I am training for my CPAT. I know the test is going to be rigorous. This vest has made me stronger and quicker. I would recommend this vest to all the firefighter and or people who want to be firefighter. I know it will make the test much easier. I think it's cheating using the vest, but there is no rule against it. This vest has helped me made me in the best shape of my life.

-Michael Los Altos CA

Phenomenal customer service, the vest is great and a great fit. I can't not wait until I use it. I got bonus items also! The gloves are amazing. They work out my arms, they feel like they are going to fall off. This vest is the best ever.

-Luis, Martinez CA

Great product. I live in Canada, I ordered a 120 pro vest and it was exactly what I wanted and more. It is the best investment I ever made. Nothing even comes close to this vest. I would recommend people who want a real workout to get this vest. Shipping was fast even if it was to Canada.

-Jean Peace River Alberta

I am part of the Marine Corps. I got the 60lbs short vest and it's perfect. We do a lot of lifting and carrying of heavy backpacks, with all our supplies and more. I couldn't get use to the backpack, so I ordered this vest, and it has done exactly what I expected. It has a wonderful fit on my body, I am going to refer this vest to any retired or existing people who serve our country.

-Randy, Laramie WY

This vest is like no other. I train with everyday and it has never given me any problem. The short vest is amazing. It is like I don't even have a vest on. It is so short. I can move and the vest don't hold me back in anyway. I got the 90lbs short vest. It is so compact I can't believe it. Short, heavy, and does the job. 5 stars!!!!!

-Andrew, Mount Vernon OH

I ordered the 100 lbs pro vest, and well I over did it. I knew that it was going to be heavy, but I didn't know it was this heavy. I started out at 50lbs and worked my way up, now 100lbs is childs play. I just ordered 20lbs more to max out my vest and it an intense workout and its great. The only vest that can give me this much of a workout. 120lbs!!!!

-Ian Miami FL

I ordered the 30lbs new slim vest. I am a hard working woman and could never find time to work out. After being out of shape, I used that Mir slim vest and lost 20 lbs. It is a great vest. I use it for running and walking only and I lose that much weight since I purchased the vest. I expect greater thing to come in the future. I would recommend this to all the women out there if you want to lose weight but don't know how.

-Christie East Wenatchee WA

I ordered the 120lbs weight vest. I go workout at the gym, and I was the talk to the town. People couldn't stop asking me where I got this vest and how great it fits. Also my friends said that they can see major changes in my body and they are thinking about getting one also. I told them that it will be the greatest investment of their lives. I love the attention I get from people when they see this vest, they ask me how do I carry that, that I must be really strong since that vest almost weights as much as them. This vest has only brought me great thing, a great body, and great attention from everyone. This vest is great.

-Ryan Schaumburg IL

I am part of the army reserve, and I have a lot of down time when we are not training. I take it into my own hands to and to show my lieutenant that I can be his top prospect and get up in the rankings. The mission are intense, and I seem to be under size and find a hard time keeping up with the guys when I do the 10 miles runs. So this vest has made me improve my leg strength, my speed and stamina, this vest has help me keep up with my friends and don't feel left behind, literally.

-Dan, Mound City MO

I take Taekwondo and it takes a lot of leg strength, so I purchased the 30lbs short vest and I have improved dramatically, my kicks are much stronger, and my stamina has grew a lot. This vest is the best. I use it every time I train and I will never train without it again.

-Peter. Gahanna OH

I ordered a 25lbs new slim vest for training for basketball. I am on the junior team on my high school and wanted something to help me transition better to varsity. Training with this vest has helped me a lot. I gave me more hops and quicken my agility. And everyone knows that all you need is a half step on your opponent to beat them. I average better than 5 points a game by training with MiR vest.

-Jeremiah Marysville WA

I do a lot of hiking in Yosemite area. I find it that hiking is fun but I know I can have fun and be healthy at the same time. So I searched around for weight vest and ankle vest, something to keep fit while I go site seeing. I came across MiR vest and I haven't turned back yet. I ordered the 50lbs short vest, and I have lost 10 lbs and it has toned out my body. My legs are toned as ever and when I take off my vest, I feel 100 lbs lighter. I would encourage this vest if someone who wants a great workout out without trying hard, this vest makes working out simple.

-Chris Clackamas OR

Great product, amazing result, I love this vest, would recommend anyone to try.

-Tim Northridge CA

I have ordered a 40lbs short vest. I expected the vest to be a good fit, but when I was wearing it, I didn't know that it was going to be that great. I have a perfect fit, it does not move when I run or hang down when I down pushups. This vest is great and I would get another one any time. MiR vest and special promotions works for me.

-Jason Harriman UT

High quality item, I am a fitness trainer and I always try find new ways for my clients to get in better shape. I stumble on this vest and I have recommended it to all my clients. It has great core training and great workout without doing much. This vest is amazing because of all the feature of it. Also it is very affordable.

-Ron Hayden ID

Got exactly what I wanted, I got a great vest, and a good workout.

-Leon Moraga CA

This company is a class act. I ordered the vest on Sunday and received on Tuesday. I got the vest and the packing was great, the vest fits perfect, and I have used it ever since, I love that MiR vest also comes out with more accessories to it can help me. This is the only company that does this.

-Tyler Essex Junction VT

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