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  Product Usage:
Strength training
CrossFit Games 2010

  MiR Heavy Duty Neck/Head Developer

Your professional aid to success - MiR is the Best vest with the best results.
  • Extra heavy duty chain. Weight/Dumbbells not included.

  • 1200D reinforced nylon webbing.

  • Dual sealed D-rings.

  • One size fits all.

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Product Usage:

  • Neck weight lifting for building overall body strength.
  • Appropriate neck exercise is highly beneficial for a healthy back, for ability to maintain proper posture and for the ability to use balancing chain power from the root, through the legs, to the trunk and to the limbs. Itís more efficient than do squatting; where you all interconnected muscles and tissues are worked as well. Warnings: Consult with your coach or physician before usage. We do not suggest the weight level nor any of the workout tips.

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