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Strength training
CrossFit Games 2010

MIR Swimming Exercise Fitness Weight Vest
  • Instant resistance to your swimming regimen.

  • Workout on land and under water with the Swim Fit Vest.

  • Same Neoprene material as divers use for deep water diving.

  • Detachable pockets/panels also can hold weight bars or coins/keys and so on.

  • Dimensions: 11 inches from collarbone x 13 inches width x 10 inches in abdomen area. Weights not included.

  • Strong Velcro belt to ensure the vest keep tight to your body.

  • Hang Dry.
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The MIR Swim Fit vest is highly flexible and compact making them exceptionally comfortable. This vest offers super stretch neoprene chest and front/back open detachable panels, which open multiple gateways for the water flow. The vest panels support a horizontal position while under water, increasing water resistance and building strength. The Swim Fit vest is also secured by the dual adjustable Velcro bands and to contour any body figure. The Swim Fit vest enhances your workout by providing increased resistance while maintaining mobility of the body. It is the only US patent pending product that is designed for total body workout during aquatic fitness activities. You will be able to break your swim record if you continually train with the Swim Fit vest at no time!


Simply by wearing the Swim Fit Vest under the water, you will add resistance to your aquatic workout. You can also use the vest to hold any weight plates or so to build strength, stamina and agility in land as well.

More advantages of swimming with the Swim Fit vest at a regular basis :
  • It strengthen your muscle through the entire body.

  • Build your stamina and endurance.

  • Gives you cardio-vascular fitness. (efficiency to move oxygen to your muscle, heart and lungs)

  • Increase your heart rate to burn calories faster.

  • Swimming is fun, gliding through the water workouts work your body while it can relax your mind at the same time. This is achieved by the sensation as you workout in the water, to some people it is more safe and relaxing than running on a hard surface.

  • Very low risks to result any sport injury under the water compare to the in-land heavy weight training.

  • No hassle to carry any weighted devices (for both under water and in land). Just like put on a vest like wet/dry suit. Light and portable.

  • Best economic saver to your fitness budget!


Not intended be used as a personal flotation device
Secure the Velcro belt with buckle up before beginning of the swimming or any other activities.


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