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Strength training
CrossFit Games 2010

Instructions for MiR Weighted Vest

Prior to wearing the vest.

  • Please make sure you did receive all your ordered packages, you can locate the order information from the automated email we have sent to you. Email should come from sales@mirweightedvest.com
  • If you did not receive all your packages, please check the tracking numbers associated with your order. Some may be at your local post office or UPS location waiting to be picked up since there was no one present at the time of delivery. Please check to see if there is any notes left at your door step. Unclaimed packages will be returned to sender after 10 days. The best way to ensure you do receive all the packages is to keep up to date with the shipment status using the tracking numbers sent from MiR.
  • Open the packages carefully and lay the contents out separately once you receive all your package, there should be an attached invoice inside the box, and to make sure you did receive everything, match and check off the items according to the invoice.
  • Now that you have the item in front of you, you can start to assemble your vest.
  • Make sure you did receive all the body belts and ensure the vest can stay nice and tight to your body during workout.
- Vest W/ one Body Belt
- Short Vest
- Crossfitters Vest
- ZFO 10-30lbs
- Slim Vest
- Women’s Vest
- Narrow Vest
- Workout Vest
- F.A.I. Vest
- Vest W/ two Body Belt
- Pro Vest
- Crossfitters Pro Vest
- ZFO 40-80lbs
- Pro Slim Vest
- Pro Narrow
- Adjust the weights to the weight desired.

- Shoulder straps should be pre adjusted for you when you receive the item.

- Align the shoulder pad with its Velcro counter parts.

- Strap all Velcro straps to ensure the straps do not come apart during usage of the vest.

- Set the vest down while having the logo and reflector strip facing up.

- Locate the main Velcro belt.

- Velcro belt should come as one piece. Do not separate them into sections.

- Lay the Velcro belt flat facing up so that the belt is in this sequence. Following step.

- 2 mini D-Rings are located on the left, following an O ring, the main Velcro strip, another O ring, and finally ending with a mini 3 inch strap.

- Place the belt on the back side bottom portion of the vest where there is a Velcro adhesive, Center the belt on the vest as evenly as possible.

- *If your vest requires 2 belts, please repeat the following steps.

- Once the belt is centered on the back side of the vest with the 2 mini D rings on one side and 3 inch strap on the opposite side, lift the vest over your head and place the vest on your shoulders.

- Once the vest is fitted to your liking, reach back to grab each ends of the belt and meet them in the middle.

- Take the 3 inch strap and insert the strap through both mini D rings and bring the strap back so it can stick to itself.

- If the strap is to loose or tight, make adjustments to the back portion of the belt. The main Velcro belt is designed to stick to itself.

- Locate the ends of the main Velcro belt and adjust accordingly.

- To make the belt tighter, pull the ends closer together, they can also overlap.

- To make the belt bigger, pull the ends farther apart.

- After you have adjusted the belt to where the vest is nice and snug, you are ready to workout.

- If secure straps were purchased. Please put the strap through both D right and have the straps stick to themselves.

Cleaning Instructions:

The MiR Vests are NOT machine washable. To clean the vests, sprinkle them with water and wipe with a soft towel. Do no wash the iron weights.

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