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Strength training
CrossFit Games 2010

  MiR Total Resistance Training Packs
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  • Adds up to 120lbs of resistance.

  • Reinforced padding on body belt to ensure form and stability during all workouts.

  • Great for abs, triceps, biceps, and lower body workouts.

  • Designed to work out and define all ab muscles.

  • Belt and resistance bands are all adjustable to fit everyone needs.

  • Add more than one band to the handle to increase resistance to each workout.

  • No door, bar or system set needed. Workout anywhere, anytime.

  • One size fits all. For both for men and women.

  • Wrist/Ankle Handles (2Pairs)

  • Cushioned Flaps w/ D-ring (Pair)

  • Resistance Bands (2Pairs)

  • Extensions Clip (Adjustable, 2Pairs)

  • Body Belt (Adjustable)

Regular Price:99.99
You Save:$20
Our Price:79.99



The MiR Total Resistance Trainer is made to give you the complete resistance workout. It covers the versatility of resistance exercises for strength training, power, agility; stretching, speed and more. Just strap on the handles and attach the resistance band. You will be set for a full body resistance training. It is portable and easy to assemble!

The MiR total resistance trainer is ideal for upper body workouts, such as rows and work outs for your biceps, triceps, and pectoral muscles. You can also exercise your abdominal muscles. Cut your crunch total in half while giving you twice the results defining your lower and upper abs and your oblique�s. To develop your lower body, simply change the location of the handles from your wrist to your ankles to get a full lower body exercise. You can do specific work outs to concentrate certain muscles such as your quads, leg, and calves, or if you wanted to, all muscles at the same.

The MiR is a one of a kind design, unlike other products similar to this. You do not need a door, bar, or any type of wall to hold you up. It uses the core of your body as the center of your workout. So you can exercise whenever and wherever you want. From routine to advanced workouts the MiR total resistance trainer offers the smoothest, widest range of resistance and great durability without using any weights. Move on your resistance training to the next level now with the MiR Total resistance trainer!


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